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Carnival of Mobilists #23 - Wireless Data News Blog

Apr. 13th, 2006

04:11 pm - Carnival of Mobilists #23

Carnival of Mobilists #23

Welcome to review of leading bloggers' opinions after the CTIA week. Ok, some of them didn't really notice it was around but wireless is still on their minds.

I myself watched it from safely distant frozen (still winter here) Finland and listed things that looked important enough. Some people were more lucky and watched the show live.
Michael Mace of Mobile Opportunity was simmering at CTIA and evaluated every new mobile terminal - check how he sorts out what rocks and what sucks in those.
Sin Hang of Wireless Dispatch meanwhile drilled down on Disney Mobile offering and found it to be mostly good. Check his report to find out whether it's the MVNO for you.
Daniel Taylor of Mobile Enterprise Weblog is not at all superficial and questions which distribution channel is most important for enterprise mobility. He looks how channel heavyweights are presented at CTIA and gives a lot of recommendations. First of them (not surprisingly) - right channel is someone other than the carrier. Who? Get it from him directly.

Meanwhile lot of people noticed some cool new services and are now sharing their impressions. Most popular - no surprise - are related to voice/text processing.
David Murphy of Mobile Marketing Magazine gives more details on already mentioned TagIt!, in-device music recognition solution.
Scott Shaffer aka Pondering Primate reviews similar - but server-based and quite time-tested - MusicID service. He also lists many other existing alternatives. Do they work? Find from him.
Troy Norcross of Mobile Marketing & SPAM presents TXT//AD - the new Pay-Per-Text mobile marketing product from MIVA and 118 118. He doesn't quite like it - read why.
Russell Buckley of MobHappy caught up with SpinVox voice-to-text messaging service and thinks it is groovy. Get instructions how to push texting with your own voice.

Seasoned mobile bloggers do not mention such trifle things as passing shows. They try to use their devices professionally - and teach us also how to do it properly.
Martin Sauter of Mobile Technology Page skypes over mobile networks. Learn wireless VoIP demystified from him.
Darla Mack of Days in the Life of a Mobile Diva reminds us again that phone is as personal as car and thus should be customized. Learn from her how to invest in your phone.
Dennis of Wap Review demonstrates how an informative site should be designed to look cool on any screen. Check it and acquire the tricks.
Xen Mendelsohn of Xellular Identity teaches you today how to have mobile fun. Now be careful with kiddies around - and learn proper Virtual and Mobile Satisfaction.

Well, I guess that's enough reading for holidays. Get next set (#24 I guess) next week - from Feet Up!


Date:March 28th, 2008 07:38 pm (UTC)

Daniel Taylor of Mobile Enterprise Weblog

The link to Daniel Taylor of Mobile Enterprise Weblog points to some spam site.FYI
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Date:April 1st, 2008 12:23 pm (UTC)

Re: Daniel Taylor of Mobile Enterprise Weblog

Thanks, link removed. Pity.
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